1st Sequenchlr Podcast! Come Listen!!…


So I neglected to remember to put this on the main Krikit Media Presents when this was originally posted earlier this month… oh well – better later, etc. …

It’s our 1st Sequenchlr Podcast!

Ari & I had a lot of fun doing it & have been talking about how we want to do future episodes, which will be coming shortly & fairly regularly…

As is to be expected I’ve already noticed some things I need to fix in future offerings, like media tags, etc.

So here it is – & after you listen, go on over to Sequenchlr.com & tell us what you think!

Sequenchlr Episode #1 – Echoes of Dapper Men In Paradise…

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In this episode, Ari & I do a recap of our night at the Echoes HC L.A. Pre-Release Party at Collector’s Paradise in Pasadena (7/29)…

discussed:  Echoes, Punks!, Return of the Dapper Men, ComicAttack.net, Comics Dispatch, beer…

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