From the “Because They Think We’re Stupid” category: Documents Obtained by EFF Reveal FBI Patriot Act Abuses

no matter what “side” you think you’re on, neither “side” would voluntarily get rid of these abuses on our freedoms/privacy unless they were made to… here’s the trailer/highlight reel version of this article:


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via Updates by Mark Rumold on 3/31/11

FBI Email suggests that IOB 2005-160 occurred under the roving wiretap authority 

The report describes the FBI’s monitoring of young children for five days, despite the fact that none of the voices being monitored matched the voice or language of the target.

IOB Report 2005-160 describes FBI misconduct in case utilizing “John Doe” roving wiretap

And, while EFF is doing our part, we need your help, too. As Congress debates PATRIOT renewal, politicians need to hear from you. Please take a stand for civil liberties by:

When the FBI is monitoring children’s phone calls, it’s definitely time to rein in the PATRIOT Act.

UPDATE: At a hearing in 2009, Senator Feingold stated: “I recall during the debate in 2005 that proponents of Section 215 argued that these authorities had never been misused. They cannot make that statement now. They have been misused. I cannot elaborate here. But I recommend that my colleagues seek more information in a classified setting.” (at 105).


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