Surgery Saves Laptop From Being Crap-top…

so this weekend didn't go like I thought it might… but that turned out to be pretty good!

after months of not using my laptop (well before the boy was born), I was finally able to sit down, watch some tear-down videos, & fix the little issue inside…

the plastic piece that functions as the plug-in port for the power-supply had lost it's ability to stay put & let you plug the charger in, making it kind of hard to use the laptop when the battery eventually ran out.

I ended up using Krazy Glue to fasten the plastic piece to the bottom & also reinforce the sides, &… working, functional laptop again!…

the months worth of updates to my OS proved too much for the thing to handle upon next boot-up… so I took the opportunity to try out the new straight Debian flavor of Linux Mint… (which I think might end up being put up as another post, not that I think of it)

pretty good & accomplished feeling for the weekend though 🙂


here's the videos that helped me tear open my laptop:

& this one was just funny…


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