Convention Walls Made of Sales? #SDCC Sell-Outs A Given!

Rapture Comics #SDCC day 1

Image by Krikit Media via Flickr

is this the way of Comic Con International?  I remember going in 1999 & paying $20 a day without having to preorder… I guess those days are gone & have since migrated to other Cons…

I still wanna hear more about how Long Beach Comic Con went – I know a lot of people who wanted to go, but I'm not sure who made it there… is that a Gareb Shamus Con? If it is, that's another topic entirely…

loved going to San Diego this year, although I will admit it's changed a bit… This isn't the end of the world as long as smaller Cons keep popping up in between the mega-madness-inducing epics!

the preordering becoming such a necessity is a little disconcerting though – doesn't this make certain that new people stumbling in to the experience, & all the products therein, will be a thing of convention past?

I'm sure that San Diego will stay a fixture for some time, but it's definitely a different animal…


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via #sdcc – Twitter Search by rallyv (Rally V) on 11/3/09

Ordered tickets to #sdcc. Not only is this the earliest I've ever had to do it, it's the earliest by 5 months #FuckYouTwilight


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