the em’effin’ Batman! – Character Jam

Batman Silo-Sketch

so I was recently reminded by someone posting about it on twitter that had also been far from my mind in recent history… which is a shame…

I found out about it from Mike Weiringo’s (RIP) blog a few years ago – it really has been a pretty cool & supportive art community…
apparently my old account wasn’t so accessible anymore, so I made a new one (krikitmedia, of course) – one of my favorite things about the site has been the various “drawing jam” threads – recurring posts with a new theme (character, event, photo-reference, etc.), usually monthly…

thusly, I found the batman jam thread in the superhero forum – leading to this sketch I did this morning over breakfast…

got me & Ari talking about what makes him such an iconic figure, even just visually… yay, is still cool!


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