I’ll put up a strip, you can get a tip (I cartoon the way I are)

Con-Ride again

so, internet will be up Monday – which means I can have more than one attempt every few days to post if something goes haywire :p

it was kind of annoying to have the strip finished & lettered but, for some reason, not be able to save/export it…

also, being that Some Antics! is just kinda whatever’s going on & whatever’s interesting at the moment (pretty much topical), I’m thinking bi-weekly might be better… I really don’t wanna have premises that don’t amuse me or what not coming out half-@$$ed… plus I’ll never get those other two titles started if I’m killing too much energy on the 1st one… Some Antics! was put up 1st simply for the reason it’s supposed to be the easiest & quickest one to get out…

so yeah…


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