My first time with the wolf-man…


The Astounding Wolf-Man #14

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first time reading Astounding Wolf-Man, it was eyeing me in the shop – a cover that begged to be flipped open…

After finally dismissing the safe & gutless comic-buying practices I had apparently adopted unawares (when did that happen?), I committed to picking it up. As much as I have been loving the Bendis/Quesada era (no sarcasm, I swear!), I realized I hadn’t picked up any independents in a while (a fact which I hate). The #14 on the cover never would have swayed me from entering a title before… I guess I’ve just been caught up in “bigger” (real life) things lately…

The story started moving naturally, with little or no effort on my part. I quickly knew what was going on, even without having any exposure to the characters – going through renderings of action & story without suffering in the least.

I haven’t gone into specifics about the writing or art for the simple fact that I didn’t need to. Telling you just how effortlessly my sit-down experience with this book was should speak louder than I ever could!
…But I will anyways! …Just so no mistake is made. Art (Jason Howard, FCO & Ivan Plascencia) was clean & dynamic – in fact, the cover I mentioned briefly is one of those “you must buy me now!” covers that I have never really regretted indulging: bold glaring-at-the-camera image of the Astounding Wolf-Man shackled, bound, & pissed-off. The writing (Robert Kirkman) is at that level of “so competent, you might not notice”, subtle, memorable, & effective – I experienced no speed-bumps along the way.

My intention is not to fluff here, but I’m really not feeling like saying much else about this book, just because it stands so well on it’s own – I really don’t wanna take away from this read.


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