Tiny Bubbles… or The Web-Comic Is In The Mail


here’s a character from a few years back that I was trying to rework & remember, since that particular sketchbook seems to be packed away somewhere…
she may or may not be in the upcoming web-comic (see below), but she definitely inhabits the same universe, so never say never…

…I’m still learning the various niceties that come along with moving in the direction of freelancing, while trying to start immediately on the fronts that I can… so obviously, I won’t be “full-time” for awhile – but the gates are open folks, & this ain’t no sprint… more in the realm of a marathon, I reckon’…

I’m trying to concentrate on what I can do now, & what I can start soon, while moving towards the bigger stuff (obviously)…

I’m working on my first web-comic right now, & it’s definitely gonna be up in the foreseeable future… now, granted the internet & computers have been kinda gunnin’ for me, so it will be a challenge, but even if I have to get creative about how I upload – it’ll happen eventually…

got any suggestions?… wanna collaborate on something?… need sketches/portraits?… feel free to message me… or…

(see “call” button directly above the paypal “tip jar”)

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