It was the professor with the graphite in the restaurant…


well we got tagged by Debra to draw something post it up (which I for one should’ve got up faster), so the day after said tag, we were at that Carrow’s in Monterey Park again with Dorothea’s little cousin (age 3, I believe)… I open the sketchbook, & we proceed to ask her what I should draw… the Hulk was a suprising answer since this kid is afraid of the old gamma-radiated behemoth… but if you know me, you probably know I love the Hulk, so I wasn’t really gonna argue – I’ve been wanting to draw him again anyway…
so, at the request of two different gals, here ya go…

(D’s drawing should be up soon – she’s been kinda swamped)

*oh yeah, I forgot – I gotta tag some folks (atleast 3)… it doesn’t have to be a straight drawing – the stipulation seems to be that you did it by hand (something new) – then post it through scanning or taking a pic…

  • Dave (it’s for your own good – you need to draw sucka!)
  • Kathy
  • Nicole
  • Ariana (you still drawin’?)
  • Courtney
  • Adam (does the new papi have time for quick sketches?)
  • Peter B. (you have more time this week anyways :J)

3 responses to “It was the professor with the graphite in the restaurant…

  1. That’s just not fair! I can’t draw anything form my head- not even a stick figure… lol. Well, maybe a retarded stick figure… hehe.I’ll be waiting impatiently to see the other piece that comes out of this- Come on Dorothea!

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