My Reviews are up. . . YAY!!!!

Ok, so the new issue of Sequential Tart went live yesterday, and my reviews are in it!

I am so happy to be writing, and even happier that its about comics! So please do me a favor and go to and check out the Report card for Comics, and let me know what you think! The reviews are written under my real name, so that would be. . . Dorothea Cantero (for those of you who forgot already or don’t know).

I’d really appreciate any feedback on this as this is my first attempt at doing ANY sort of writing in a long time. Thank you, please drive through.


3 responses to “My Reviews are up. . . YAY!!!!

  1. Hmmm… is the link correct? I tried to load it but just keep getting the whole can’t load thingy.Wow, I’m feeling technical today!

  2. Yeah it was wrong, sorry, I was sleepy and typing too fast. I got all dyslexic in my sleepyness. but it is fixed now.

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