Egypt & Joe Kubert…

Egyptian dude

so I came across a book that I hadn’t seen in awhile, “Superheroes: Joe Kubert’s Wonderful World of Comics”… flipping through it, I thought it’d be cool to go through some of the exercises, or what-have-you… so I’m at the section on Egypt, I go flip through some reference books & come up with two elements I thought I liked well enough to incorporate (I wanted something simpler than alot of Egyptian derived designs): the scarab (possibly on a belt or some sort of ornamental wear), & this mark under the left eye, which I was told is the mark of Horus…
after I did this sketch, the same person who told me it was the mark of Horus, told me it’s only under the left eye… ah, well, I didn’t know…
I still like it… leastways, enough to keep playing with it…


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